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The goal of the WiseCare Urgent Care staff is to provide you with the highest level of care when you have an urgent medical issue. At both their Pasadena, Maryland, urgent care centers, board-certified physician, Perry Weisman, MD, and his team offer the latest diagnostic testing and customized treatments for a variety of your urgent care needs, including the flu, lacerations, infections, and sports injuries. You can skip the wait at the emergency room and get the help you need seven days a week as a walk-in. You can contact WiseCare Urgent Care by phone or online, too.

Urgent Care Q & A

When should I seek urgent care?

Urgent care services are designed to quickly identify and treat health issues that are interfering with your quality of life. You should schedule an appointment or visit as a walk-in when you have symptoms that aren’t resolving with home care or are getting worse, even with treatment.

Dr. Weisman and the staff at WiseCare Urgent Care offer walk-in visit opportunities seven days a week to address common issues like:

  • Fever
  • Infections
  • Lacerations
  • Dehydration
  • Colds and flu
  • Skin conditions
  • Gastrointestinal issues

The team is also skilled in evaluating and treating injuries that result from sports participation and auto accidents.

At WiseCare Urgent Care, you can also receive on-site testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) following unprotected sex or at the first signs of STD symptoms.

What can I expect during an urgent care visit?

When you’re not feeling well or sustain an injury, Dr. Weisman and his team discuss your symptoms and review your medical history.

During a physical exam, Dr. Weisman checks for areas of pain and signs of infection while evaluating the severity of your condition. He may order diagnostic testing, such as X-rays or blood work, to identify issues that aren’t visible during a physical. Dr. Weisman may also refer you for a CAT scan for diagnostic purposes.

Once he understands your condition, Dr. Weisman creates a treatment plan that focuses on easing your existing symptoms and ensuring you heal properly.

What treatments are available for urgent care conditions?

The offices of WiseCare Urgent Care are fully equipped with the latest advancements in treatment for a variety of conditions. Dr. Weisman is skilled in treating the whole person, rather than just their symptoms. He focuses on the best course of treatment to address existing symptoms and protect your long-term health.

Depending on the nature of your urgent care visit, Dr. Weisman may recommend treatments like:

  • X-ray testing
  • Management of common pediatric illnesses such as viruses, ear infections and rashes
  • Strep, flu and MONO testing
  • RSV testing for babies and toddlers
  • UTI and pregnancy testing
  • Pelvic exams and STI testing
  • Iv fluids for dehydration and hangovers, vomiting and diarrhea
  •  Nebulizer treatments
  • Steroid shots for rashes, poison ivy, and allergic reactions
  • Toradol shots for back pain and migraines
  • Anti-nausea shots (Zofran, Phenergan)
  • On-Site rapid result blood work including ISTAT CHEM8 with a hemoglobin level
  • Send out lab testing when needed
  • EKG testing 
  • Eye irrigation for chemical spills or fume exposure
  • Management of simple nose bleeds with cautery and packing
  • Orthopedic splinting for fractures and sprains
  • Crutches for sports injuries
  • Suturing simple lacerations 
  • Drainage of simple abscesses
  • Medications on-site to treat and stabilize ongoing serious allergic reaction
  • Tetanus shots
  • TB testing as required by your employer
  • Referrals for specialty care when possible to avoid going to the ER

If you have an orthopedic injury or a chronic disease that requires treatment from a specialist, Dr. Weisman can refer you to area providers for additional testing and care. Dr. Weisman can follow your treatment through the available primary care services at WiseCare Urgent Care.

If there is a CAT scan, ultrasound or MRI that is needed and your condition is not serious enough to require immediate ER referral, Dr. Weisman and his associates can order these from one of several neighborhood imaging centers instead of sending you to the ER.

If our provider determines that your condition is more critical than anticipated, and you are found to need emergency or hospital services, we will offer stabilizing care and immediate emergency transfer to the nearest available ER on your behalf, while giving the emergency doctors a detailed report of your current condition warranting referral to the hospital.

If you have been feeling ill, have experienced an accident, are in need of medical treatment, or are otherwise looking for a reliable urgent care provider in the Severna Park, Millersville and Pasadena areas, visit our helpful team today. We know that some medical conditions or situations require immediate attention from a qualified medical professional.

Our  Severna Park, Millersville, and Pasadena urgent care centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and certified doctors who can provide assistance for a range of illnesses, injuries, or other urgent medical conditions.

As our patient, you can expect:

  • World-class treatment from Board-Certified Physicians
  • Comprehensive and swift medical assistance
  • Most major insurance providers accepted
  • On-site technology and cutting-edge facilities including lab and x-ray for quick results 

Our physicians are committed to providing the best patient care for individuals and families throughout the Severna Park, Millersville and Pasadena, Maryland area and throughout Anne Arundel County. Now you can experience the highest quality healthcare available in an urgent care office – visit WiseCare Urgent Care today.

We set the standard for exceptional patient care.

WiseCare Urgent Care has always been committed to helping patients get healthier in the most cost-conscious way possible. We proudly accept most major forms of insurance and proudly feature highly affordable services. We focus on providing you and your family with the best in urgent care – without compromising on price or quality.

Our Mission:
“We strive to provide the highest level of patient care by delivering exceptionally good healthcare through experienced professionals, and to serve the community with highly personalized care that is affordable, convenient, and exceeds our patient’s expectations.”

We know that any type of illness or injury can put you back and keep you from accomplishing your day-to-day activities. Convenience can mean everything for our patients, so we offer a range of on-site treatments and services that help restore you to full health in the fastest time possible.

If you’re sick or injured, don’t put off a comprehensive medical evaluation. Visit the WiseCare Urgent Care center nearest you today as a walk-in or by booking an appointment online or by phone now.