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The location of WiseCare Urgent Care centers in Pasadena, Maryland, make occupational medicine services convenient for employers around Anne Arundel County. Board-certified internal medicine physician, Perry Weisman, MD, and his staff offer comprehensive pre-employment screenings, including physicals and drug and alcohol testing, that meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation. If you need a reliable and experienced occupational medicine provider, contact Dr. Weisman at WiseCare Urgent Care today using the online booking system or by calling the office nearest you.

Occupational Medicine Q & A

What is occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine services include a variety of screenings and a physical exam to ensure potential and current employees are physically and mentally fit to perform their job duties.

The staff at WiseCare Urgent Care offers pre-employments screenings that meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation. They also provide primary care services to help you identify new health concerns and to keep existing diseases well-controlled.

What pre-employment testing is available?

The medical team at WiseCare Urgent Care provides comprehensive physical exams that evaluate your overall health and well-being to ensure you are fit for a new job and the required work. The team also contracts with area bus companies, offering physicals for their employees.

Dr. Weisman and the team also perform various on-site screenings to test for:

  • Acute illness
  • Chronic disease
  • Drug abuse
  • Breath and alcohol testing

The WiseCare Urgent Care team ensures that each person undergoing a pre-employment physical meets the necessary requirements for specific jobs or work duties.

Employer Authorization

Employers, you may have your workers reference and complete the following forms beforehand to prepare for their occupational medicine visit. Please fill out the compulsory employer authorization form and send it with your employee to WiseCare in Severna Park. Please call ahead so that we may plan for your employee to have the appropriate testing done as needed.

The following employer forms are available for you to print and fill out:

What other occupational medical services are available?

In addition to pre-employment screenings and physicals, Dr. Weisman and his team offer comprehensive primary care services, including preventive care, to promote long-term health.

You can also schedule an evaluation or visit the WiseCare Urgent Care as a walk-in for urgent care needs resulting from work-related injuries, such as lacerations or unexplained back or neck pain.

Dr. Weisman is also skilled in providing customized preventive care plans to help you safely lose weight, quit smoking, and make the necessary lifestyle changes you need to stay physically fit and able to work.

What are the benefits of occupational medicine services?

WiseCare Urgent Care centers are committed to total employee well-being, focusing on treating the whole person rather than just their symptoms or injury. By working with local employers, Dr. Weisman and his team build strong relationships with employers and their employees to promote physical fitness and wellness on a corporate level, as well as efficient diagnosis and treatment of on-the-job injuries.

Additionally, the team at WiseCare Urgent Care provides continuity in care through their primary care services, ensuring each patient with existing health conditions receives the treatment they need to prevent long-term complications.

To learn more about available occupational medicine services offered at WiseCare Urgent Care, schedule a consultation with Dr. Weisman online or by phone today. You can also receive a pre-employment exam as a walk-in at the center nearest you.