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Perry Weisman, MD, is a designated provider of immigration physicals for those seeing a visa or citizenship in the United States. At WiseCare Urgent Care in Pasadena, Maryland, Dr. Weisman and his team offer comprehensive, in-office immigration physicals. The staff has extensive experience in completing all necessary medical forms as required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and makes your overall health a top priority. If you need an immigration physical, you can visit the WiseCare Urgent Care nearest you as a walk-in or schedule an appointment now, online or by phone.

Immigration Physical Q & A

Why do I need an immigration physical?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires a comprehensive medical exam as part of the immigration process. In order to obtain your green card or citizenship in the United States, you need to have an immigration physical.

The purpose of an immigration physical is to ensure you are physically fit and free of any health issues or disease that may put yourself or the surrounding community at risk. Failing the physical exam can interfere with your admissibility into the United States.

What happens during an immigration physical?

During your immigration physical, Dr. Weisman takes the time to review your personal and family medical history and evaluates information concerning both your physical and mental health.

Following your discussion, Dr. Weisman performs a physical exam that includes evaluations of your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Skin health
  • Heart rhythm
  • Lung function
  • Blood pressure
  • Body temperature

Dr. Weisman and his team also assess your vision and hearing function during the exam.

If you need to be updated on required vaccinations to protect against disease, like measles, mumps, or tetanus, the WiseCare Urgent Care staff creates a timeline for receiving these vaccinations as required in the immigration process.

Important Information

Please fill out part 1 of form I-693 to the best of your ability before arriving for your exam. If you are using an interpreter, that person must fill out and sign part 2 of the form. You must also fill out your name on pages 2-9. All information except the signature can be typed directly on the PDF form, and then the entire form may be printed out. These steps will speed up the registration process considerably for the immigration physical.

Click here for the I-693 form

You must bring with you all vaccination records and valid identification to the immigration exam. Please wear loose-fitting, casual clothing to the exam.

Will I need blood work?

As part of the health screening process required by the United States Citizen and Immigration Services, Dr. Weisman orders blood testing for different infectious diseases including syphilis and gonorrhea. Lab testing is done to ensure you are free of certain diseases in consideration of your immigration eligibility.

Dr. Weisman also performs a test for tuberculosis, a contagious lung disease caused by a bacterial infection. 

What vaccinations are required?

He will take into consideration you vaccination records, which the patient should bring with them to the appointment. This will also include vaccinations including chickenpox, MMR, tetanus, and diphtheria, however, the required vaccinations will vary depending on the individual requirements as guided by the USCIS. 

What happens after my immigration physical?

Once your immigration physical is complete, Dr. Weisman prepares reports as needed by the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. He has extensive experience in compiling the necessary information needed for your immigration application.

Dr. Weisman provides you with the documents in a sealed envelope, which you must turn in as part of your application. This information remains valid for one year from the date of your exam.

If you need an immigration exam, visit the WiseCare Urgent Care nearest you as a walk-in, or schedule an appointment online or by phone today.

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