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Pasadena and Severna Park Physical Examinations

WiseCare Urgent Care Ensures You Are Constantly in Good Health

There are a number of different types of circumstances where a physical examination by a doctor is required, and every type of physical serves its own purpose. This includes when you enroll in a new school, join a sports team, or start a new job that demands you show proof you are in good health.

Although it may seem like an unnecessary extra step, it is an important component to ensuring you are healthy and don’t get the people around you sick. Whether you need an emergency physical or you would like to make an appointment ahead of time, the doctors at our Pasadena and Severna Park urgent care offices can help.

Download the Physical Exam – Pre-screening Form.

What Are Physical Exams?

A physical exam simply allows a doctor to examine you and determine that you are in good health, or healthy enough to do a certain job or activity. They are typically a requirement and provide you with the opportunity to take preventative action and know that you do not have anything to worry about. The staff at WiseCare Urgent Care is extremely compassionate and caring.

Types of Physicals

There are a variety of physicals you can schedule, depending on the purpose your physical serves.

WiseCare Urgent Care offers the following physicals:

  • Annual physicals
  • Back to school physicals
  • Workplace physicals
  • Sport physicals

Your annual physical typically involves blood work as well as a thorough exam which will show if there are any existing problems. Before your child goes back to school, school officials often want to see paperwork that proves your child is healthy and vaccinated.

A workplace physical shows your employer that you are not currently sick and that you will not get your coworkers sick. The purpose of a sport physical is to ensure you are physically able to handle playing sports and that you will not run into any medical difficulties.

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