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Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care Services in Pasadena and Severna Park

Compassionate Care for Your Children

When it comes time to take your child to the doctor, it can be very hard to find one that provides comprehensive reliable care. Even more difficult is finding a doctor who can see your child after hours when they are sick or experiencing any type of emergency situation.

At WiseCare Urgent Care, our doctors are highly experienced at providing pediatric care, and we are available when your normal doctor is not. In fact, much of our practice is dedicated to pediatric care. Your child’s comfort and overall health is our top priority at our Pasadena urgent care or Severna Park urgent care facility.

Call our Pasadena or Severna Park urgent care centers today at 410.255.7900 to schedule your case evaluation.

“We love WiseCare! The peds rooms are adorable and juice boxes for the kids are a nice touch.” – Jenn G.
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What Services Do We Provide for Children?

Our staff is prepared to handle virtually any type of non-emergency health situation your children needs medical attention for. We provide both urgent and primary care to our youngest patients in our advanced and comfortable office. With our on-site lab and on-site x-ray capabilities, we are a one stop shop for all your pediatric needs.

Our pediatric care services may include diagnosing and treating following:

  • Minor injuries: Splinter removal, suture removal, treatment of minor broken bones, sprains, strains, minor burns, wounds, abrasions, cuts, and lacerations
  • Respiratory problems: Treatment of bronchiolitis, bronchitis, congestion, cough, and mild asthma attacks
  • Minor infections: Treatment of thrush, cold, flu, ear infections, earache, cold and mouth sores, strep infections, sore throat, urinary tract infections, sinus infections, and pink eye
  • Skin problems: Treatment of diaper rash, ringworm, eczema, itching and rash, poison ivy, athlete’s foot, sunburn, and scabies

We are open seven days a week and are available when your doctor is not. If you are interested in making an appointment with a Pasadena and Severna Park pediatric care doctor from our urgent care office, call us today at 410.255.7900 or simply visit us in person.