WiseCare Severna Park Launches Primary Care Services

Great news from WiseCare for Severna Park and Surrounding Communities!

Pediatric Well-Child Exams, Vaccinations and more now offered at WiseCare Severna Park Medical Center

You asked for it, and we are proud to announce it’s finally here! Our newest non-urgent medical service begins April 9, 2018 when we kick off PEDIATRIC PRIMARY CARE for your children of all ages.

Pediatric Primary Care now offered in Severna Park Community 

You know us for quick, quality urgent care. Now get to know us for Primary Care, too! Pediatric Primary Care Services include well-child exams, vaccinations, physicals, sudden illness and injury, and prevention/management of common pediatric acute illnesses and chronic conditions.  Our state-of-the-art facility is clean, kid-friendly, and has on-site lab and x-ray.

Our aim is to build a primary care system that reflects the values of family medicine, puts patients at the center of care, and improves the health of all of our neighbors.

Our medical team is comprised of seasoned providers who focus on maintaining or restoring your child’s health – comprehensively and affordably.

Click on link to right to schedule your pediatric primary care appointment, or call 410.255.7900 to learn more about our medical services.

WiseCare proudly serves patients from Severna Park, Millersville, Arnold, Broadneck, Magothy, Cape St. Claire, Crofton, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Severn, Broadneck, Crofton, Annapolis, Pasadena, Old Mill, Sun Valley, Pasadena, Linthicum, Cape St. Claire, Riviera Beach, Gibson Island, and surrounding areas. Learn more about WiseCare at www.wisecaremd.com

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