WiseCare Proud Sponsor of 2018 Lifeline 100 Century Ride & Make Health Happen Health Fair

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The 2018 Lifeline 100 Century Ride scheduled at Kinder Farm Park in Millersville on Sunday, October 7th is a cycling event that offers 100 and 65 mile trail/road routes, 30 and 15 mile paved trail routes, plus the free Community Health Fair and Children’s Bike Rodeo.

This year will mark the 5th Anniversary of the Anne Arundel County Lifeline 100 Century Ride! What began as a way to showcase Anne Arundel County’s scenic trails and roadways, and to spotlight cycling awareness, safety and its benefits, has grown every year into a celebrated annual event drawing hundreds of cyclists and supporters from around the Mid-Atlantic.

WiseCare of Severna Park is proud to not only sponsor this annual event, but also be on-site at the “Make Health Happen” Health Fair to be held during the Lifeline 100 Century Bike Event from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm!

WiseCare’s health fair exhibit will include blood pressure checks, raffled giveaways, and information about health and wellness. Save the date, bring your family, and we will see you there!

The Make Health Happen Health Fair provides an opportunity for local families to learn and receive information about healthy programs, activities, events, and organizations that are available throughout Anne Arundel County.


In 2017 new records were set as 861 riders participated, over 100 volunteers helped, and more than 30 sponsors provided support. Over the past four years the Lifeline 100 has generated $93,000 in proceeds for local non-profit beneficiaries. Thank you for being a part of the success!

This year we are aiming for 1,000 participants, and we can make that goal with your involvement. All net proceeds are donated each year to county nonprofit organizations.



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