What's Included in Pediatric Primary Care?

Just like not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, not every doctor is suited to be a pediatrician. Pediatric medicine requires a different educational and clinical path than general practice and other specialties; pediatric specialists also require a temperament to treat the littlest humans.

Some general practitioners, however, have a flair for caring for patients of all ages. Dr. Perry Weisman at WiseCare Urgent Care in Severna Park and Pasadena, Maryland, is one of those talented few who provides comprehensive pediatric care from his primary care practice. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing Dr. Weisman as your child’s pediatric primary care physician.

Your first call

When your child becomes ill or injured, you immediately start scrolling through questions in your mind: 

When faced with these dilemmas, you have choices: you can call a pediatrician (unless it’s past office hours), you can look up the symptoms online and try to self-treat, you can go to an emergency department, or you can call Dr. Weisman. 

Having Dr. Weisman as your child’s doctor gives you peace of mind that you always know whom to call first. 

A hub of information

Establishing a relationship between your child and Dr. Weisman early means he knows your child well and is familiar with their entire medical history. If your child ever needs a specialist, Dr. Weisman serves as the point person and can facilitate further treatments and tests by providing all the relevant documentation from over the years.


Dr. Weisman can make sure your child is up to date on all their vaccines according to the schedule outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). From birth through age 18, your child needs various immunizations and boosters to stay safe and healthy. If you have an immunization record of past shots, bring that with you when you come for an appointment with Dr. Weisman so he can determine if there are any missing. 


Physicals for children differ from adult physicals in that a pediatric exam checks for milestones of growth and development. Dr. Weisman regularly measures and charts your child's:

These exams help Dr. Weisman determine whether your child is growing and thriving or if there are areas of concern that need to be further investigated. This information also provides a valuable baseline of measurements against which we can compare future numbers if necessary to check for progress.

Acute care

In addition to preventive care and continuous monitoring, Dr. Weisman’s pediatric primary care service also includes acute urgent care when something goes wrong. He can run blood labs, rapid tests for strep throat, and other diagnostic tests. 

Minor sports injuries, cuts, bumps, abrasions, allergies, coughs, fever, sore throat, and rashes can all be handled with skill and compassion here at WiseCare Urgent Care.

To learn more about pediatric primary care at WiseCAre Urgent Care or to schedule a visit with Dr. Weisman, contact us at either of our two locations in Pasadena or Severna Park, Maryland, today. 

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