What Makes WiseCare Different?

Our Answer: A Wide Variety of Medical Services is What Makes WiseCare Different!

We are quite proud of what makes WiseCare different. Our Severna Park and Pasadena premier medical centers offer a vast array of services not typically offered by other urgent care centers in the area.

In addition to walk-in urgent care, WiseCare also serves as a “medical home” for many of our patients. This means they count on us for primary care, routine physicals and labs, referrals to specialists, and more.

Our premier medical centers offer a variety of non-urgent medical services, for instance: primary care, pediatric care, physicals, vaccinations, x-rays, in-house lab testing, IV fluid hydration, immigration physicals, occupational medicine, DOT physicals, drug screening DOT and non-DOT, travel vaccines and FAA medical exams.

All services are provided by our caring board-certified physicians and physician assistants. Our highly trained professional staff is focused on putting you at ease about your medical needs.

Primary Care (PCP) Appointments Available in Evenings & Weekends!

WiseCare in Severna Park offers Primary Care Physician appointments 7 Days a Week including nights and weekends!

Will your PCP (primary care provider) see you on weekends or in the evenings? Your WiseCare provider can!

Who Needs a Primary Care Provider?

Our primary care services are ideal for patients new to the area in search of a medical home. Or, maybe your primary care provider is retiring or closing his or her practice. Other patients seek new primary care providers when they have grown tired of waiting weeks or longer for appointments.

WiseCare primary care services are also ideal for patients with chronic conditions. Routine or regularly scheduled “preventive visits” with our medical experts allow periodic checks to monitor well being and address new or reoccurring symptoms. It is also a time when patients might share their concerns and even fears about their conditions.

Call 410.255.7900 to schedule an adult and pediatric Primary Care medical visit day or night, weekdays or weeknights in our SEVERNA PARK location.

Our Mission

WiseCare’s mission is to provide the highest level of patient care by delivering exceptionally good healthcare through experienced professionals, and to serve the community with highly personalized care that is affordable, convenient, and exceeds our patient’s expectations.

We understand how overwhelming medical issues can be. That’s why our medical team at WiseCare puts the patient first with service that won’t leave them financially strained.

Whether our patients are coming in for a quick visit or experiencing a health issue that requires a little more time, our mission is to get our patients back on their feet.

We are a one-stop medical center focused on offering trustworthy care patients can count on. Our board-certified physicians are focused on ensuring that every day our patients return to their lives and homes happier and healthier than when they walked through our doors.

Lastly, our team members are positive, encouraging, understanding, and possess the compassion, skills and knowledge in order to deliver the highest quality healthcare.

Affordable Medical Treatment & Services

Above all, WiseCare makes it easy to receive medical care when you need it. While our top goal is to provide excellent care, we also offer:

WiseCare is Here for You

WiseCare offers quality medical care to patients of all ages! We are open 7 days a week, including nights and weekends – in Severna Park, Pasadena and surrounding communities.

Our Board Certified physicians are available 7 days a week to provide compassionate care – even at night, and on weekends! At WiseCare, we welcome patients of all ages.

Feel free to walk-in for urgent care. Or, you may schedule a non-urgent medical appointment by calling 410.255.7900 today.

For example, non-urgent medical appointments include: primary care, vaccinations, physicals, employment screenings, x-rays and labs.

Convenient Locations Near You!

Severna Park: 465 Ritchie Highway next to Brian Boru Irish Pub & Restaurant

Pasadena: 33 Magothy Beach Road in Magothy Beach Plaza next to Mutiny Bar and Island.

We appreciate our patients 365 days a year as we work hard to help maintain your health and keep you feeling your best every single day, evening and weekend.

Call us today to schedule your non-urgent medical appointment: 410.255.7900

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