Welcome to WiseCare! Now Accepting New Patients in Anne Arundel County

Urgent Care

Welcome to WiseCare! Your Premier Medical Home in Anne Arundel County for Primary Care & Urgent Care Needs

WiseCare is now accepting new PRIMARY CARE PATIENTS in our Severna Park location. Find out why your friends and neighbors call WiseCare their “premier medical home” and rely on us for serving their primary and emergent medical care needs!

Urgent Care | Primary Care | Adults & Children | 7 Days a Week Including Nights & Weekends

WiseCare qualified providers are here for you and your entire family 365 days a year including nights & weekends!

On-site x ray and lab for quick results. Two convenient locations serving all of Anne Arundel County: Severna Park and Pasadena.

We offer quality, quick, compassionate care every day, evening and weekend. Find out why your friends and neighbors call WiseCare their “medical home” and rely on us for serving primary and emergent medical care needs!

From physicals for young athletes to allergy management and injury treatment, every primary care appointment and walk-in urgent care service is administered with warmth and compassion. Through their combined education, training, and experience both Dr. Weisman and his entire qualified medical professional team haven’t lost sight of what’s important: patients happiness and well being.

We’re carrying on our mission to treat every patient with kindness and respect here in our state-of-the-art facility.

WiseCare has treated 1,000s of urgent care and primary care patients since we opened our doors more than three years ago. On a daily basis we receive compliments from our patients who received treatment in Severna Park or Pasadena medical centers (or both!). 

 “You are awesome and fun and kind.”

“Luwam was a wonderful provider! She was thorough and has a wonderful bedside manner!”

“Love the care here!! Kinder Mender did nothing for my son. Brought him here, diagnosed with Flu A Positive. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I work as a nurse and like to recognize good care. Thank you!!!|

“My go-to for urgent care.”

I don’t feel like part of an assembly line, like I do at the other Urgent Care clinics in the area. I feel like a person.”

“I’ve been to other local Urgent Care Clinics (RightTime, Patient First, etc.,) and WiseCare is bar none the best….have a nice waiting room, complete with TV which plays child-appropriate shows or movies. The staff is super friendly and helpful. They offer primary care in addition to Urgent Care. I don’t feel like part of an assembly line, like I do at the other Urgent Care clinics in the area. I feel like a person. The PAs and Dr. Wiseman really listen and address your concerns. They’re also super fast, so you don’t end up waiting forever. Since I’ve discovered this gem, I have not gone to RightTime or Patient First, nor do I have any plans to.” –

“Super sweet staff.”

“Very friendly and thorough. Took time with me.”

“Friendly. Good service.”

“Great service, professional staff!!”

“Wonderful staff.”

“Good and very nice sweet and kind thankful for us coming.”

“Dr. Garret was outstanding and very patient until he resolved the ear issue!”

“Tameka and Garret today were by far the most thorough, helpful, and professional two I have encountered in the urgent care field. They quickly and painlessly assisted me with my problem today and offered lots of useful advice. I’ll never be able to do justice with words just how comfortable I was today with these two leading my treatment.”

“Always an excellent experience here at Wise Care Pasadena!”

“Everyone here is awesome and super nice!”

“Thank you for caring about the sick kids.”

“Very friendly and informative.”

“It was great!”

“Thank you for helping us stay healthy.”

Since I walked through the doors less than 24 hours ago, I have recommended WiseCare to at least 10 family members and friends! The staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. I was treated quickly and thoroughly. I was diagnosed with Strep Throat, and they sent my prescriptions over to the pharmacy electronically before I walked out of the door. They also just called to ask how I was feeling!!!!!!!! So impressed!”

“The receptionist, Jade, was efficient and friendly and the medical assistant, Jasmine, was the the same. Jasmine was so gentle and it didn’t hurt when she took a blood sample.”

“Good job!”

“As a family of 5, it is so wonderful for all of us to have one medical place to call home! WiseCare has really set itself apart as the premier medical home for our entire family. We love how many services they offer, plus the fact they are open every single day, night and even there for us on weekends. In the past we were always running between so many doctor offices depending on who needed what (peds vs. adults). Now – at WiseCare we can schedule primary care appointments on days and times that work for us! Or we can just walk-in when something unexpected happens. Trust me, that happens a lot, too! WiseCare gives me and my family consistent, quality care that I can rely on. It’s amazing. Thank you!”

“We love WiseCare. Quick and friendly care. The peds rooms are adorable. Juice boxes for the kids are a nice touch.”

“Simple and comfortable.”

“I wanted to share an experience I had at WiseCare – Severna Park this weekend. I didn’t know they were around in SP until very recently (same entrance as Brian Boru), so happens I had to go this weekend for my 2 year old who had ear infection. Went in, did my new patient paperwork while my kiddo hung out in their play area (which he didn’t want to leave!!), front office staff was so friendly and efficient, RN was amazing with my little guy…Doctor was as well! We weren’t there too long (I base this on my 2 year old’s ability to get bored and fussy – after we left exam room he went back to play area and wanted to camp out there all day), and as we were leaving Jasmine gave him a little WiseCare Owl squeeze toy that he has had in his hand ever since. I even got a follow up call the next day from them to see if he was feeling any better! I would very much recommend them to everyone I know.”

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