Immigration & Citizenship Physical Exams by USCIS-Designated Civil Surgeon

Immigration Physical Exams by USCIS-Designated Civil Surgeon: FAQs

Who Performs the Immigration Physical Exam?

Dr. Perry Weisman, Founder and Medical Director of WiseCare offices located in Anne Arundel County is USCIS-approved to perform immigration medical examinations. Appointments can be made by calling us at (410) 255.7900.

How does it work?

Every time two or more in your group are scheduled on the same day at WiseCare in Severna Park for Immigration Physical Exam, each patient will instantly receive $25 discount. It’s really that simple!

Ideal for families or groups that need Immigration Physicals before end of 2018. Encourage your group to ride together to our WiseCare facility in Severna Park, and all be examined within same day so each person in your group will receive $25 discount! (Appointments must be scheduled in advance. No walk-in immigration physicals.) To schedule, call 410.255.7900.

How Do I Prepare for an Immigration Physical?

  1. The medical examination includes an interview, a physical exam, a tuberculosis skin test, a blood test for syphilis and a urine test for gonorrhea.
  2. During the exam Dr. Weisman reviews vaccination records and any required vaccines can be administered during the same visit.
  3. Because the tuberculosis skin test requires a reading, you will need to return for a second visit 3 days later.
  4. By that time, the results of the other tests would be available.
  5. Upon your return visit, if all tests are normal and the vaccination record is complete, you will be given a completed I-693 form in a sealed envelope for USCIS, as well as a copy for your records.

What is Included in the Immigration Physical Exam?

Our immigration physical exam fee includes the tuberculosis skin test, the syphilis blood test and the gonorrhea urine test.
The fee does not include any additional tests that may be required based on the initial assessment.
For example, a positive tuberculosis skin test requires a chest X-ray to be done and a positive syphilis blood test requires a second confirmatory blood test.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. Call our appointment line (410) 255.7900 to schedule with our USCIS-approved physician, confirm immigration physical exam costs, and more.
(USCIS: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)

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