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Occupational Medicine & Healthcare Services

Our WiseCare Medical Team Can Help  410.255.7900 Severna Park, MD

All too often local employers send their employees 30+ miles to a testing center. This can affect productivity! Count on WiseCare conveniently located in the heart of Severna Park, Maryland – to not only quickly process your screens and tests – but also provide personalized service that cannot be offered by big box testing centers!

WiseCare’s medical center in Severna Park is ideal for companies who require pre-employment and random physicals and drug/alcohol screens, DOT physicals, and more. Contact us at 410.255.7900 to set up your employee screens!

WiseCare in Severna Park (located on Ritchie Highway next to Brian Boru Irish Pub & Restaurant) is also now offering DIRECT CARE MEMBERSHIP PLANS TO LOCAL EMPLOYERS in need of a tried and true method for reducing employee absence and increasing productivity as it relates to employee health and wellness.

It’s that time of year when local businesses are looking at health benefits for the new year and evaluating options. ​ However, employers are looking at record-high health plan premiums while watching their policy choices shrink.​ How can you control costs, reduce trips to the ER, and direct employees to a one-stop medical center where they can receive primary care, urgent care, employment screens and more?

Direct Care MembershipWiseCare’s innovative occupational healthcare solution “Direct Care Membership” is designed to address major cost drivers (diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) via our direct healthcare model – custom designed for the needs of your business and employees.​

Our Severna Park medical center now offers primary care, urgent care, lab testing, x-rays, vaccines, and a wide variety of employment tests and screening – all the tools your business needs to maximize both company and employee wellness, and gain real financial savings.

WiseCare’s Direct Care Membership​ means it is now possible to enhance your company’s medical plan portfolio by directing your employees to our highly qualified WiseCare healthcare providers within our direct primary care model.

Having a “Direct Care” relationship with WiseCare can help attract and retain better employees, improve productivity, help keep employees healthy, contain your health spending costs within one medical center, and might even save you some money with tax credits and deductions.

WiseCare understands it is a big deal when a single catastrophic incident threatens to take down a local company with limited resources.  Meanwhile, work-related injuries and illnesses that routinely occur disproportionately in businesses continue to take a toll.​

For some businesses, big or small – ensuring the safety and health of their employees can be a challenge.  Limited resources, difficulty meeting regulatory requirements and cost concerns associated with numerous facets – including workers’ compensation – all present problems for local businesses.     ​

Unaddressed or minor medical conditions can turn into chronic conditions which can lead to costly ER visits, then potentially an even more expensive inpatient hospitalization, or worse – employees go without proper medical care because they simply cannot afford the out of pocket cost.

Now you can avoid these financial and employee health dilemmas. If your business falls into one of the following categories, now is the time to take action and set up a customized direct care plan in place with WiseCare in Severna Park:

  • Freelancer or Consultant in need of medical care and services.
  • Sole proprietors and small companies​ who cannot afford to offer a standard health plan option to employees due to costly premiums​.
  • Mid-size businesses with desire to redirect employees who routinely go to the ER for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries.
  • Companies that can only offer high-deductible health insurance policies.
  • Employers who require pre-employment and random physicals and drug/alcohol screens, DOT physicals, etc.

Learn more about our Direct Care Membership healthcare solution​ designed specifically for local businesses seeking a better option and methods to improve employee health, contain costs, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. Call WiseCare today at 410.255.7900.

What We Offer

Our Severna Park occupational medicine team offers a variety of services that will assist you in obtaining the help you need in a timely manner while giving you the attention your medical health deserves.

Some of our services include:

  • Primary Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Corporate wellness and health
  • Diagnostic and screening services

Contact WiseCare Urgent Care to learn more about our helpful services at 410.255.7900.

Employer Authorization

Employers, you may have your workers reference and complete the following forms beforehand to prepare for their occupational medicine visit. Please fill out the compulsory employer authorization form and send with your employee to WiseCare in Severna Park. Please call ahead so that we may plan for your employee to have the appropriate testing done as needed.

The following employer forms are available for you to print and fill out: